Hagerty and Trimble Go One-On-One

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Drivers Inc.’s Sera Trimble sat down for an in-depth interview for Hagerty.com, and the resulting conversation was illuminating.

Topics covered included:

— The challenges of getting into the stunt driving industry…

I landed in L.A. on June 1, 2007. The first week I was here I had a lady in the industry tell me that I would never become a stunt driver because I was Asian and that I should just stick to learning martial arts.

—Secrets of becoming a better driver…

The way you become able to do this is through a lot of training. When I first moved to L.A., I spent the first five years taking almost every dollar I earned and putting it right back into some sort of racing or driving school.

—The importance of having a mentor…

My mentor is Brent Fletcher and he’s amazing. In Los Angeles there are people who will overstate their abilities to get jobs and end up getting hired, but a lot of other jobs are gotten based on referrals from very important people who only trust other people. Brent is one of the people whom others trust a lot.

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