There’s a new champion at Drivers Inc.

DI’s Rhys Millen brought home the Class 7 crown at the 53rd SCORE Baja 1000 this past weekend, paying off the hard work recently put in by the Rhys Millen Racing team.

The win was a bright spot in 2020, and afterward, Rhys recounted how he got to the podium.

“It was a great day or, actually, more than a day,” he explained. “It was a very long race. We requested a rear start in our class to put us into greater pressure, but our greatest competition folded at mile 150 after a crash. So we knew that all we needed was to take good care of the truck and get it through the finish line to win the race. We slowed everything down and took our time in every pit to make sure we’d arrive one piece. We had no issues whatsoever, maybe just a slower overall time than what was planned.”

Rhys posted to Instagram right after the win as well.

The Jackal, as the RMR car is affectionately known, looked awesome in test runs just days before the race. Case in point: