Drivers Inc. was started in 1986 by three top stunt drivers, Kelly Brown, Hubie Kerns, and Michelle Slate. Their vision for perfection along with recruiting the top talent helped to develop the best driving team in the business. With almost three decades at being the best at what they do, Drivers Inc. has constantly stayed ahead of the competition with its members’ skills in all driving arenas such as Off-Road, Road Racing, Drifting, Semi Trucks and Motorcycles.

Drivers Inc. members have earned multiple awards and racing championships, along with notoriety, trust and respect throughout the Commercial, Television, and Motion Picture Industries. With their years of experience and thousands of projects under their belt, Drivers Inc. has had the opportunity to collaborate with agencies and top directors on creative input, and help production companies with project development and budgeting.

Drivers Inc. continuously strives to be the best at what they do.  Contact us directly to see how we can improve the impact of your next project.




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