The Nitro RallyCross Season came to a stirring conclusion in North Florida this past weekend, and Drivers Inc.’s Tanner Foust was sorry to see it end.

According to the official Nitro RallyCross web site, one of the highlights of the race featured Tanner facing off against 2020 NASCAR champion Chase Elliot.

In one of the best battles of the day, Chase followed Tanner Foust around the longest track of the season in the battle brackets and threw elbows out of the forest section and center-punched Tanner’s door. Race control assessed him a five-second penalty and Chase went on to qualify for the main through his semifinal and finished eight for the day.

Tanner, who finished sixth in this weekend’s racing and overall for the season, posted a final series of shots from The Firm, site of the series’ final race, to his Instagram channel. He also bid farewell to the season, and looked toward next year.