A year ago, Tanner Foust was asked by his sponsor, Yokohama, what race he’d like to attend that he’d never been to.

The Drivers Inc. superstar knew his answer—Crandon—and the race weekend exceeded his expectations. (To relive it, check out this behind the scenes video Tanner posted recapping his 2021 experience.)

This past weekend, Tanner returned to Crandon for the 53rd Polaris Crandon World Championships, and unsurprisingly, it was even better.

What’s more, Tanner was everywhere, posting many of his exploits to Instagram.

In his primary racing outing, he was behind the wheel for Yokohama, finishing 6th in the Pro 2 race after a rough start.

Tanner also spent a good deal of time behind the mic, interviewing racers Kyle Chaney and Andrew Carlson:

Finally, Tanner posted a final set of highlights, capped by a photo of himself with a special someone: