Followers of Ben Collins Drives on YouTube found themselves on the receiving end of an exclusive car reveal: the Praga Bohema.

It’s an astounding work of automobile artistry that runs counter to current design theory. As the description on YouTube explained:

“This car takes the vehicle design rule book and lights a bonfire with it. Less power.. less gadgets.. advanced, yet simple technology.. and LESS WEIGHT. Yes – the elephant in the room for the past ten years has been that Hypercars and Supercars have been getting heavier and heavier and heavier.

Welcome back to the future with the Bohema – a Hypercar developed in secret by Praga, the Czech manufacturer I’ve been racing with for the last two years. It weighs in at just 982 Kilos and produces about the same weight in downforce from 160 mph.”

Watch as Ben takes the Bohema out on the Dunsfold course: