What happens inside the world of performance driving is largely unknown to anyone outside of the drivers who perform the stunts, and the people that film them.

That’s what made a recent episode of Real Sports so unique. For the first time—with the help of Drivers Inc.’s Tanner Foust—it took viewers inside the world of stuntpeople. As the description of the show explained:

“Stunt performers in blockbuster action movies do everything from fly through the air with acrobatic grace to flipping cars at high rates of speed. So it’s perhaps unsurprising that many were elite athletes in their previous lives, such as college gymnasts, black belts in martial arts, or racecar drivers. It can be a grueling life full of long hours, danger and broken bones. But for those who hung up their pro athlete dreams for stunt work, most say they have no regrets, as they now get to spend their days in show business, turning sport into art.”

Check out this trailer from the episode, which can be seen on the Max streaming service.