There’s a special kind of skill that goes into police pursuits.

Not only that: Those skills vary from place to place.

That’s just one of the things you’ll discover in the two episodes of “Driving Secrets” on Ben Collins’ YouTube channel, Ben Collins Drives.

As Ben explains in one of the episode descriptions:

“Last time in the ‘Police Pursuit Driving Secrets’ mini-series, I tackled Blyton Park Circuit in the British forces’ weapon of choice: the faithful BMW 530d.”

“In this episode, Police Interceptor @BenPearson1965 throws me the keys to The Land of Opportunity’s answer to car chases: the slab of V6 Americana known as the Ford Explorer.”

“It was incredibly interesting to feel the vast dynamic differences that both vehicles offered when I picked up the pace; clearly geared up for hugely varying road networks and reflecting on each country’s differing approaches to on-road policing.”

Both episodes follow below.